Which Bubbly Will You Choose for New Year’s Eve?

December 21st, 2023

You know bubbly’s on the menu for your New Year’s Eve celebration. But which one to choose? We have a great selection of sparkling wines from Italy, Spain, Austria, South Africa, and the United States—and, of course, true Champagne from France. Why not grab a few? Through the end of December, you get 15% off when you buy 12 bottles of wine.

What’s the difference between all these bubblies? A bubbly wine is only Champagne if it’s made with specific grape varieties from the Champagne region of France. Otherwise, these wines are called Cava (from Spain); Prosecco (from Italy), or Sparkling Wine (from everywhere).

Although we associate champagne with expensive tastes, you can enjoy some bubbly no matter your budget! We have a wonderful selection of sparklers from $10-$70. Read on to see what we would love to pop open at midnight.


Grower Champagnes: Amelia is excited to share Aubrey and A. Margaine, the two “grower champagnes” we have on our shelves. This means that the folks who grow the fruits make the products. You can taste the passion and the care that go into taking these wines from vine to flute.



WFM Staff Pick: Riva Rose is a staff favorite. Want to know more about this sparkling wine? Just ask our grocery associate, Robin! She raves about this beautiful pink bubbly. It’s also Nina’s pick for a New Year’s Eve sparkler.




Mini Bottles: If you don’t need a full bottle, we have beautiful mini bottles of brut and rosé sparkling wines from Le Grand Cortâge. Perfect for two small glasses.




Glenn’s Pick: Glenn, our grocery buyer and wine expert, would choose Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs for his New Year’s Eve bubbly. It’s a wonderful upper-end California white sparkling wine made from red grapes and select chardonnays.



Non-Alcoholic: Try Töst for a delicious sparkly beverage without the alcohol! It’s made with dry white tea and adds ginger and cranberry for a tannin-y tartness. The fact that the company’s based in Vermont is just one more reason to love their products.



Cheers to health, good food and drink, and community! Happy New Year!

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