Values, Mission, Community

Feeding our community has been our mission for over 30 years. We care about our employees, the people we serve, and our impact on our greater community.
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Good Food

Good food begins with high-quality, fresh ingredients. We go out of our way to source, make, and sell tasty and authentic food from vendors we know and trust.

Great Vibes

We’re here to make your day a little brighter—from our upbeat atmosphere to our friendly staff to unique grocery products that inspire your inner chef.

Amazing Community

We’re more than a store. We’re a gathering place where neighbors catch up over coffee, while filling their baskets with good, wholesome food.

Our Mission

Good food nourishes us, brings us together, and makes us happy. This core belief is what drives us to get up every morning and keep doing what we do. For over 30 years now.

Feeding our community 

This has been both our anchor and guide throughout three decades of growth and change. We feed our community by:

  • providing our neighbors with good, nutritious food
  • creating a fun, safe environment to work and make friends
  • taking an active role in the towns where we live and work

It’s one big circle. What we give comes back to us tenfold. We couldn’t ask for a more caring, supportive community of staff, neighbors, farmers, producers, and vendors.

Building relationships

At the end of the day, our business is about building relationships. The Farmers’ family is made up of long-time customers and employees, many of whom we’ve known for decades. It also includes our farmers and producers who we know personally, as well as our vendors and suppliers who keep things humming along.

Doing the right thing

We care about the people we serve. And we care about the process: what we charge for our products; what ingredients we use in our food; where our fruits and vegetables come from; and how we treat each other and our guests. This is what “doing the right thing” means to us. It’s one of our core values and informs everything we do, from our relationships with our staff to what we put on our shelves to our interactions with vendors and customers.

If you’re already part of the Farmers’ family, thank you for supporting our ever-evolving business. And if you are new to the Woodstock Farmers’ Market, we look forward to welcoming you at our stores in Woodstock and Waterbury.



Our mission for over 30 years has been to Feed Our Community by providing awesome food and great service. To us, service extends beyond the walls of the Market into the greater community. We actively contribute time, money, and information to help make Woodstock and Waterbury better places to live, work, and play.

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We’ve been recognized in numerous regional and national publications for our unique and authentic offerings, from our award-winning pies to our vast selection of local cheeses.

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If you love good food and are looking for a fun, creative work environment, we’d love to talk with you! Benefits include a 30% store discount, paid time off, and more!

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