We’re excited to introduce Friends of Farmers’, our new customer rewards program! It is an opportunity to acknowledge our regular customers, who we see in the Market every week and sometimes every day, with special discounts and offerings. We’ll be able to communicate with you about the things you’re interested in, whether that’s new wines on the shelf or upcoming tastings and demos. When you’re a member of Friends of Farmers’, customer appreciation day is every day!

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We’re offering a sign-up bonus when you join Friends of Farmers’. Get 10% off your next purchase or whenever you choose to redeem your discount (good for up to 6 months after joining). Sign up today to start enjoying the benefits!


This may be our favorite part. No more lost Sandwich or Buzz club cards. Just scan your card or enter your phone number at the register, or simply give the cashier your last name, and our system will automatically track your purchases. When you reach 10 sandwiches or coffee drinks, you’ll get your next one free! Not only that, thanks to our automated tracking, you’ll receive an email reminder for your free item!


Take advantage of specials and deals for Friends of Farmers’ members only! These savings are preloaded on your Friends of Farmers’ account and are automatically applied when you purchase the qualifying items using your Friends of Farmers’ card or ID. No clipping required!


Join today and start taking advantage of Friends of Farmers’ perks, deals, and savings!


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Keep an eye to your inbox for a welcome email letting you know when your account has been activated and your 10% discount can be redeemed. Your Friends of Farmers’ card will be ready to be picked up at the registers within 5 business days. In the meantime, just give the cashier your name or phone number to take advantage of your Friends of Farmers’ benefits.

Have questions or concerns? Check out the FAQ below or send us an email at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friends of Farmers'?

Friends of Farmers’ is a rewards program that gives you access to member-only sales and specials, along with our “buy 10, get one free” digital sandwich and Buzz cards. Scan your card at the register (or if you don’t have your card handy, simply type in your cell phone number) to receive automatic discounts on featured products or a virtual punch on your sandwich or coffee card.

How do I sign up for Friends of Farmers’?

If you have an account with us, follow these instructions to sign up.

If you are a new customer or don’t have an account, you’ll need to create an account. Be sure to select the box next to “Join our promotions and rewards program, and then click “Create Account.”

I have a paper Sandwich/Coffee card. Can I get credit for my existing punches?

Yes! When you go digital, you’ll get credit for your existing punches. Just bring your punch card(s) with you the next time you shop and the cashiers will add your existing punches to your Friends of Farmers’ account. Who wants to keep track of those old punch cards, anyway? Our goal is to convert all our old Sandwich/Coffee cards to the new digital format. 

Can I use my 10% welcome discount immediately upon signing up?

No. Please be patient! Your one-time 10% welcome discount may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in your account. You can redeem it anytime within 6 months of joining our rewards program.

How do I get my Friends of Farmers' discounts at checkout?

When you get to the registers, you either need to swipe your customer ID card or give the cashier your name or phone number to receive your benefits.

I just got a coupon in my email. Do I have to show the email at the registers or print it out to receive the discount?

No, Friends of Farmers’ is paper-free! All discounts are linked to your customer account. Simply swipe your customer ID card or give the cashier your name or phone number at checkout. This will automatically apply any discounts, coupons, or special offers to your account. 

Can I opt out later on?

Of course. Please just know that, unfortunately, you can’t opt back in later after you opt out. But if you decide you want to opt out, just let our cashier know at checkout. You can also opt out using the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of an email you receive from us. 

That said, another word of caution: If you have a Sandwich and/or Buzz Club Card, unsubscribing to our emails will void your cards.


Will my information be shared with anyone outside of Woodstock Farmers’ Market?

Never. We will never share your information with anyone. It will only be used by Woodstock Farmers’ Market. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy. 


Other questions or need assistance?

Please email us at with any questions. We are happy to help. 

Words from our Friends

We have the best customers in the world. And we love hearing about why they choose to shop at the Market—whether they stop by every day or pop in once a year. The positive feedback we get from our community keeps us motivated and inspired, and eternally grateful to live where we live.

“We enjoy shopping here because we love the atmosphere and we can get everything we need to eat well. We shop here almost exclusively for our dinners. Why would we go anywhere else?”

Mark and Gina

“We wouldn’t still be living in Woodstock if it wasn’t for the Farmers’ Market. We shop here because the produce, meats, fish, etc. are topnotch, and we love the array of cheeses, wines, crackers, and coffee that you have for sale.”

Jo-Ann and Norm

“Why do I enjoy shopping at the Market? The strong sense of community—seeing new and old friends, and knowing that I am buying the freshest, best products available, both organic and local.”