What to Bring to Your Cinco de Mayo Gathering

Going to a Cinco de Mayo party but don’t have time to prepare a dish? We’ve been stocking up on prepared foods and appetizers for your spring Fiesta.

Here are a few ideas:

Cotija and crackers

This Hispanic-style cheese is named after the Mexican town of Cotija.  It has a strong, salty flavor and firm texture, which makes it perfect for slicing or cubing. Pick up a box of your favorite crackers to go with, and you’ve got the perfect app. This week we’re offering 15% off wedges of our Solé Cotija cheese.

Rosé Sangria

You’ll be the hit of the party if you show up with this festive concoction. Guaranteed. There are lots of variations of this trendy drink, depending on how extravagant you want to get. But here’s a simple recipe for people who …. well, just want to keep it simple.

South of the Border inspired desserts

Fresh from our bakery just in time for Cinco de Mayo! Introducing two decadent desserts that celebrate the flavors of Latin America:

Tres Leches Cake: a dense, super-moist cake made with three different milks (hence the name) topped with vanilla whipped cream.

Aztec Molten Chocolate Cake: pure chocolate decadence with a Latin American twist. Each cake will serve several people.

Avocados front and center (dips, salads, and entrees)

A little bit of history: Avocados has been cultivated in Mexico for the past 10,000 years. When the Aztecs came into contact with the Spanish in the 1500s (and their basalt mortar and pestle), they began smashing and blending the avocado into what we now call “guacamole.” If you haven’t tried our house-made guacamole (made with fresh market ingredients), now’s the time. Or you can make your own. You’ll find everything you need (and it’s not much: avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno pepper, onions, and lime) in the Farmers’ Fiesta display in the front of the store. Here’s an easy recipe from Bon Appetit.

There are lots of ways to incorporate avocado into the main dish. For some inspiration, check out Food & Wine’s 9 Ways to Eat as Much Avocado as Possible on Cinco de Mayo (great headline, don’t you think?).

Chips and salsa

This is the time of year to splurge on specialty salsa. Tom of Toms Knows Salsa will be here on Friday (from 2 to 6 p.m.) to offer samples of his salsa verde. Or have fun perusing the shelves. We’ve stocked up on several varieties of specialty salsas, including Raiche’s Vermont-made Salsa and Tex’s Best Salsa (made right down the road in White River Junction, Vt).


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