Have You Got the Winter Blues?

February 16th, 2024

We’ve got the winter blues here at the Market—blue cheese that is! Through the month of February, we’re offering 10% off three blue cheeses that are distinctively different (in taste and origin) but equally delicious!

Blue cheeses can be a bit intimidating because they are known for their intense, funky flavor. To break them down into bite-sized (and scrumptious) pieces, we caught up with Nick, our Woodstock cheesemonger.

Before you declare that blue cheese is not for you and look for something else to read, find out how Nick would respond to the blue cheese naysayers. He’d simply say, “You haven’t tried the right blue cheese yet. They come in different degrees.”

Baley Hazen Blue

Speaking of which, we will start out with the most approachable blue we’re featuring: Baley Hazen Blue from Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, VT. This cheese is perfect for people who want to dapple with the bite of blue without the in-your-face flavor. It is well-balanced and excellent with dried fruits and honey. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying our very own Brian Allen’s famous Carrot Salad, Baley Hazen is the blue that he uses. What other endorsement do you need?

Colston Bassett

We couldn’t spotlight blue cheese without including the classic Stilton. But this cheese isn’t local. That’s because it has Protected Designation of Origin, meaning it can only be made in three counties in England: Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire. This Stilton from Colston Bassett in Nottinghamshire is rich and intense. It comes to our market as an impressive twenty-pound drum. It’s also the only blue on our list that is made from pasteurized milk rather than raw milk. Nick would recommend melting this Stilton on a burger. Is your mouth watering yet?

Boucher Blue

To round out our winter blues, we have Boucher Blue from Green Mountain Blue Cheese out of Highgate, VT. Nick loves this blue because it is different from the others on this list. While Baley Hazen and Stilton are creamy and luscious, Boucher Blue has a dry, crumbly texture which makes it a wonderful salad cheese. Nick also says that it’s an excellent choice for a cheeseboard because it is harder and “chunkable.”

Winter blues love company (or however that saying goes), so don’t forget to pick up some pairings. As Nick says, “Sweet and blue cheese are friends.” Add honey or maple syrup and fresh or dried fruits to your blue cheese-laden cheeseboard, salad, pizza, or whatever strikes your fancy.

See you at the Market!

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