Farmers’ 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

December 1st, 2023

It’s no secret that we’re a little food-obsessed around here. So we believe there’s no better way to show your appreciation for a loved one, neighbor, or teacher than sharing the gift of good food!  

This year, we’ve created four categories that will help you find something for everyone on your list. Add the whole collection to make a themed gift basket; mix and match for a present personally curated for someone special; or select just one item for the perfect stocking stuffer or tasty treat. Any way you choose to gift, these items are sure to please. 

The Fish Head: American Tinned Fish 

Tinned fish has really made a splash in recent years, and we are loving its resurgence here at Farmers’. Gone are the days of unidentifiable flakes in a can. Delicious and unique flavors in adorable, gifty packaging are here to stay. Also, you can feel good knowing all our sourced tinned fish are sustainably caught.

Tiny Fish Company

We love everything about Tiny Fish Co.—the products and the company! They are women-owned and based out of the Pacific Northwest. Pick up the Octopus with Lemon and Dill for a zesty friend who craves something a little different. They’ll swoon over the bright flavors and adorable packaging!


There’s nothing small about the flavors of Minnow tinned fish. We love their smoked trout which is sourced from Denmark. It’s packed in a gold tin that will fit snuggly in a stocking or look great in a gift basket.


Maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge this tinned treat by its packaging! The vibrant, eclectic designs on all Fishwife’s products prepare you for the delightful experience inside. We love that you can clearly tell which fish you’re eating, but it still flakes beautifully for salads and sandwiches. Try the Smoked Albacore Tuna for a friend whose cheerful personality matches the Fishwife artwork.


Classy, elegant colors with serene depictions of the coast. Ekone is a Pacific Northwest company operated by five generations of shellfish farmers. Have a family member who loves heat? Gift them the Habanero Smoked Oysters for tinned fish with a kick.

Gulf of Maine Conservas

Longtime fisherman Keper Connell founded Gulf of Maine Conservas, which is based just a couple hours from the Market in Rye, New Hampshire. The Bluefin Tuna and Atlantic Mackerel are caught using reel-and-rod and hand-packed with the utmost care. This fish doesn’t need any additives to make it delicious.

The Chocophile: Bean-to-Bar Goodness 

You can’t go wrong with chocolate. We have an amazing (and almost intimidating) selection of chocolates here at the Market. So, we have selected some whose flavors and wrappings make them excellent gifts.


If you think all chocolate tastes the same, you clearly haven’t tried Amano. They imbue their bars with unique flavor combinations such as Mango Chili and Rasberry Rose. We especially love their Cardamom Black Pepper, which is spiced and warm with bits of crunch for texture.


This chocolate was made for gifting. It’s gorgeous inside and out. If you send this to a particularly artsy friend or teacher, they just might turn the wrapping into origami or add it to a collage. Pick up the Ginger Lime for bright and refreshing flavors that reflect the cuisine of Vietnam where the ingredients originate.


We fell in love with these chocolates, made in Iceland, at first taste. And check out their packaging! They offer several incredible flavors wrapped in fun artwork. Choose from caramel, sea salted almonds and milk, coffee and milk, milk and cookies, toffee and sea salt, and more …. This chocolate will have the lucky recipient saying, “Om-nom-nom-nom.”


This is a new addition to our chocolate shelves, and we are so glad it’s here for the holidays! K+M is a collaboration between a chef and an olive oil artisan. The sleek design of this chocolate’s wrapping is deceptively simple compared to the unconventional flavors inside. Their Extravirgin Chocolate collection adds oil to bean-to-bar chocolate making it super silky and higher in antioxidants.

The Truffle Hound: All Things Truffle  

We’re not talking about chocolate truffles here but rather our tasty fungi pal. Although truffle can be a controversial flavor, we are here to help you root out a product anyone will love. Add some personalized recipe cards to your basket for a delicious gift that keeps on giving!

Urbani—Truffle Oil 

Urbani imports their truffle products directly from Italy, so you know you are gifting high-quality, high-flavor items. We love this truffle oil because it is an excellent addition to instantly elevate any dish from pasta to steak, and even popcorn!

Sabatino—Truffle Salt 

Excellent for gifting to people who want to add more flavor to their meals without adding more time. This can be sprinkled on a finished dish or mixed in with the seasonings. This will have the lucky recipient feeling fancy in no time.

Regalis—Truffle Balsamic 

Regalis is trusted by Michelin starred restaurants around the country. If you have a culinary master or burgeoning home chef on your list, you can’t go wrong with this black truffle balsamic. We love to use this in salad dressings, glazes, and drizzled on top of pizza.

The Truffleist—Truffle Honey 

Picture this: a cheese board filled with gooey brie, vibrant blue cheese, and truffle honey?! Amazing. Bonus—if you give this as a gift to your host or hostess, you might be able to try some for yourself…

K+M—Truffle Fries Chocolate Bar 

Can’t decide what to give your chocolate-, potato-, and truffle-loving pal? Okay, that might be a niche interest, but this chocolate is sure to please anyone with an adventurous palate. Potatoes and chocolate? You’ve grabbed our attention.

The Vermont Ambassador: Maple Goodness 

Are you really from (or did you visit) Vermont if you don’t gift maple everything? We support our local industry by providing you with a vast selection of Vermont maple products!

April’s Maple—Pancake Mix 

There are few things that can match the feeling of waking up on a snowy winter morning to the smell of fluffy pancakes. Give the gift of cozy nostalgia with a simple (and delicious!) mix.

April’s Maple—Mustard 

Spicy and sweet! You can’t go wrong with this pairing. We love this product for anyone who prefers savory foods but still wants a taste of Vermont.

Our Own Syrup 

You can’t go wrong with this classic Vermont gift. Whether you’re sending it to a maple-loving Vermonter or a friend from far away, our Woodstock Farmers’ Market maple syrup is sure to be a winner.

Vermont Maple Brittle 

This Vermont Maple Brittle is a delightfully crunchy addition to our Maple Goodness Basket. Or flying somewhere for the holidays and can’t pack a gallon of syrup? Maple brittle is the perfect gift to carry onto a plane as it is light and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It also makes an excellent stocking stuffer and leaves room for other items, such as a WFM winter hat or coffee mug!

Happy holiday shopping!

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