A Look Back at Our Favorite Products from 2023

January 11th, 2024

You did it! You’ve made it through the holiday season. Now is the perfect time to relax, take a breath, reflect on the past, and look forward to the future. At Farmers’, we do that by reminiscing about the new products we put on our shelves this past year.

Keep reading to see what our grocery teams are excited to bring from 2023 into 2024!

What We’re Loving in Woodstock

Roar (Elle): Roar is organic coconut water infused with natural flavors and full of electrolytes for an added hydration boost! As Elle says about her favorite flavor, Mango Clementine, “Great if I have had no water and only coffee for two days!” An excellent reminder to add “stay hydrated” to our 2024 resolutions. Thanks, Elle!

Sigdal Bakeri Norwegian Crisp Bread (Mollie): Called knekkebrød in Norwegian, crispbread is a flat, cracker-like delight that is seedy and crunchy. While many crispbreads are made with rye flour and wheat bran, Sigdal Bakeri makes a few varieties that are, according to Mollie, “gluten-free and delish.” She loves these crisps with soups and soft and hard cheeses. Pick them up for a protein-packed snack or as the vessel for an open-faced breakfast or lunch.

Wild Yeast (Steve): Wild Yeast from Chelsea, VT, is the latest local bakery to grace our Woodstock bread shelves. Emily, the innovator behind Wild Yeast, bakes these loaves using traditional methods, natural yeasts, and Northeast-sourced organic flours. Her sourdough-based breads are made in such a way that they are easier to digest and have a reduced glycemic index.

Silo Ready-to-Drink Canned Cocktails (Annie): Check out these canned cocktails from Silo Distillery in Windsor, Vermont. They are gorgeous inside and out! Annie loves them because they are “easy, delicious, and at a great price point. Fantastic people behind the product!” Her favorite is the Lavender Cosmo.

Hillside Lane Farm Gluten Free Rolled Pie Crust (Glenn): A wonderful gluten-free option from Randolph, Vermont! Glenn loves that this dough comes in a two-pack which makes it ideal as the crust and top of any pie—savory or sweet.

Cipriani Pasta (Robin): We have carried Cipriani pasta for a while, but we brought in a few new varieties this year such as their fusilli. This pasta is a hit among customers and staffers alike! If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend grabbing one of their elegant robin’s egg blue packages next time you’re at the Market.

What We’re Loving in Waterbury

Momofuku Black Truffle Chili Crisp (Marc): It’s like a party for your taste buds—sweet and spicy with an umami finish. This chili crisp is amazing on anything. Seriously. Some people even pair it with ice cream!

Vermont Cheeseless Cheesecakes (Pam): These gluten-free and vegan “cheesecakes” are hand-made in small batches in New Haven, Vermont. We have several flavors in our freezer sections at both stores including chocolate, raspberry, and—it couldn’t be a Vermont product without including our state flavor, maple—maple walnut.

Pear’s Snacks Nuts (Nathan): Pear’s Snacks mixes nuts such as cashews, almonds, and peanuts with interesting flavors creating a delightful snacking experience. Try something salty like Everything Bagel Cashews or something unique like their Peanut Butter Cup Flavored Peanuts.

Cabot Maple Cheddar Popcorn (Todd): Waterbury brought this item to their store in 2023. Cabot, maple, and cheese? It is peak Vermont and absolutely delicious.

Graham Farms Maple Donuts (Geoff): Graham Farms is a family-owned maple farm in Williamstown, Vermont. They’ve been in the business for three generations and have perfected a variety of maple products. Geoff loves their maple cream-filled donuts.

We’ve loved trying all the new products this year and can’t wait to see what delights 2024 brings to our taste buds. Happy New Year!

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