Store Reopening Update—Week 6

August 18th, 2023

Hey there, folks,

Good news! We have transitioned to full-on Reopen Phase! We have plumbers and engineers moving sinks, ovens, and refrigeration into place. We continue to receive new equipment and repair the old. Many of our building contractors have now moved over to our Next-Door building to rebuild the Bakery. We are returning storage containers once filled with muddied shelves, and have cleaned and sanitized all items headed back into the store. We’ve included some photos below so you can see the work that’s being done!

And check this out…we have been receiving deliveries of some of our outstanding cool products, including a taste of fall chocolates! Mums and fall pumpkins will be arriving after Labor Day!

Most importantly, we are grateful for all your contributions! We have been able to put that money to great use, including funding those all-important payrolls for our incredible staff. We continue to process our complicated insurance claim for submittal by early September and continue to seek additional capital for non-insurance covered items. Meanwhile purchasing has begun for products and equipment to get ready for the fall opening.

I want to emphasize how critical this early funding has been. The state has been slow to react with its working capital. The insurance companies are slow on advances. I know many of you have dealt with flooding in your own homes and driveways. Many of our farmers and makers have been hit hard with their own issues, be it distribution or flooding. We get it: money is tight and it’s very hard for everyone financially.

That’s why I am especially awestruck by our Farmers’ community response—from Vermont to DC to Florida to California, you have been very generous during our time of need. The Farmers Flood Fund capital drive has been wildly successful both online and via the mail and we appreciate every single cent—from the bottom of our hearts. You have raised $175,000 as of this week.

Lastly, our hearts and thoughts are with all those from Hawaii to Texas—everyone affected by fires, heat waves, and floods. There seems to be an unending stream of human challenges. Just when you think you have it bad, there is always someone else with greater misery. We always need to always remember those folks in our journey.


P.S. A great day trip idea: Visit downtown Waterbury with all of its great shops and restaurants, and then sneak up to our Waterbury location just a few miles north on Route 100. Afterwards, head up to Stowe and take a bike ride on the tremendous Stowe bike path!

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