Our Staff’s Favorite Things

December 14th, 2023

Customers and staffers alike are always impressed by the sheer number of quality products we offer in such a small space. It can be easy to miss new items or overlook something different if you gravitate to the same products each visit.

This holiday season our WFM staffers have chosen their favorite products from around the Market to share with you. With a wide range of tastes and preferences, they are sure to spotlight a new-to-you item you’ll love! Keep reading to find out a few of our favorite things.



Laura (Produce): Champlain Orchards Hard Cider—Sidra

Why It’s Their Favorite Thing:

“Love hard cider! Not much of a wine drinker. This cider is the best of both worlds. Great to share during the cold months.”



Jacob (Deli): Effie’s Oatcakes

Why It’s Their Favorite Thing:

“Wonderful crackers that are perfectly sweet and honey-tasting. Great by themselves or with a hard cheese.”




Pam (General Manager-Waterbury): Queen City Kombucha—Turmeric

Why It’s Their Favorite Thing:

“Super tasty and local to Burlington!”





Julia (Creative): WFM Beet Hat

Why It’s Their Favorite Thing:

“It is the cutest darn hat on the planet.”




Marc (Asst. Manager-Waterbury): Sugar Bob’s Smoked Maple Syrup

Why It’s Their Favorite Thing:

“Delicious on pancakes, in stews, marinades, or just mixed with Polar seltzer for a non-alcoholic scotch and seltzer.”




Robin (Grocery): Riva Rose

Why It’s Their Favorite Thing:

“The best sparkle!”






Nick (Cheese): Angry Goat Hot Sauce

Why It’s Their Favorite Thing:

“Local, exotic peppers and interesting combos. Well-balanced (even the hottest sauces still taste good), wide range of heat levels, one for everybody!”



Many of our staffers’ choices would make great gifts or stocking stuffers; others would be wonderful additions to any winter gathering. Keep an eye out for the “Our Favorite Things” tags in our stores and take home something we adore.

See you at the Market!


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