Fall Harvest Spotlight: Edgewater Farm

October 6th, 2023

In late summer, when we were still rebuilding after July’s flooding event, the WFM produce team, led by our new produce manager at our Woodstock store, Bill Fielding, took advantage of the “downtime” by visiting some of our local growers. Bill, who came on board just prior to the flood, was already familiar with our local farming community through his work as produce manager at the South Royalton Market. But he was anxious to get out in the field (literally) with his WFM produce cohorts to see how our farmers were faring after the flood and to learn more about their farms and farming practices.

Thankfully, RJ Weyant, longtime WFM produce associate and talented photographer, was part of the expedition team! In a series of Fall Harvest Spotlights, we’re sharing with you where they went and what they saw! Next up is …

Edgewater Farm

Plainfield, NH

Pooh and Anne Sprague purchased Edgewater Farm in 1974 from the Colby family, who had been farming the land since 1835. Anne grew up on a dairy farm just down the road. In the early days, the Spragues did everything themselves, while both holding down full-time jobs elsewhere. Today, several decades later, the Spragues have a few extra hands. They run Edgewater Farm with their children and grandchildren. The property includes 80 acres of tillable land, where they grow fruit, vegetables, and cover crops. Plus, a seasonal farm stand, commercial kitchen, and approximately 70,000 square feet of poly greenhouses for growing vegetables and ornamental bedding plants.

The Sprague family is committed to utilizing techniques and strategies that are sustainable and organic in nature whenever possible, such as integrated pest management and beneficial predatory insects in their greenhouses. Pooh captures the challenges and rewards of farm life on his blog, Pooh’s Corner. We recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and settling in for an enlightening read. You’ll have a renewed sense of appreciation and respect (and a tad bit of “green” envy) for what the life of a farmer entails.

We love the folks at Edgewater for more than their delicious, sustainably-grown fruit and veggies. In a world where so many families are pulled apart by geography and lifestyle, the Spragues have found a way to stay together. They share a commitment and passion for the land and the work they do.

Below, Pooh and Anne’s son Ray Sprague gives the produce team a tour of the farm:



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