How to Create a Local Thanksgiving in Vermont

November 13th, 2023

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. We’re such a small state. But everything you need for your Thanksgiving feast can be found right here in Vermont.

That isn’t the case everywhere. During this season of gratitude, we’re thankful that we know exactly where our Thanksgiving meal comes from … and for the farmers and producers who make that possible.

Want to create a Local Thanksgiving? You needn’t look far for these essential components of your holiday spread.

Local Turkeys

There’s a big difference between your standard commercial bird and all-natural turkeys raised on Vermont family farms. No antibiotics and large, open barns = healthier, tastier turkeys. We’ve partnered with three farms in Vermont so that you can feel good about the turkey you put on your table this Thanksgiving. We’re no longer taking pre-orders for turkeys, but we will have some available for purchase in the store (first come, first served!).

Vermont Cranberries and Apples

It’s hard to imagine a Thanksgiving meal without cranberries and apples. They show up in sauces, pies, chutneys, and even stuffing recipes. And both are well-suited for our northern climate.

Throughout the holiday season we’ll have freshly harvested cranberries from the Vermont Cranberry Company in Fletcher, Vermont. The cranberries were dry harvested by owner Bob Lesnikoski, who built the bog and planted the cranberry vines himself. And for your baking pleasure, we have several varieties of Vermont-grown apples from Champlain Orchards.

Locally Grown Veggies

Potatoes, winter squash, and beets. We all have family recipes that feature these classic Thanksgiving veggies. And for good reason; they’re part of the late-season harvest in New England, where the first Thanksgiving took place.

Laughing Child Farm (Pawlet, Vt) keeps us rolling in sweet potatoes all season long. And we have fingerlings, German butterballs, russets, and red potatoes, as well as carrots, beets, and several varieties of winter squash from a selection of local farms. Produce from Pete’s Greens (Craftsbury, VT) and Hurricane Flats (South Royalton, Vt) are available at both store locations. In Woodstock, you can find Fresh Roots Farm (Sharon, Vt), Edgewater (Plainfield, NH), 4 Corners Farm (Newbury, Vt), Crossroad Farm (Fairlee, VT), and Pierson Farm (Bradford, Vt). Waterbury also carries goodies from Jericho Settlers Farm (Jericho, VT) and Bone Mountain Farm (Bolton, Vt).

Vermont Cider, Wine, and Mead

Hard cider was likely the beverage of choice at holiday gatherings in Vermont during the 18th and 19th centuries. Before the days of refrigeration, cider was easy to make using local apples, kept longer than milk (and was safer to drink than water), and was preferred to ale. In this century, our love of cider is more about taste and presentation than practicality. You can find a wide assortment of locally produced hard ciders in elegant bottles and beautifully decorated cans. Come peruse our shelves to find the perfect Vermont cider, mead, or wine for your feast.


Nothing completes the Thanksgiving meal like a melt-in-your-mouth roll or slice of good bread. But making your own takes time and preparation—both of which are in short supply around the holidays. Thankfully we live in a state chock-full of fantastic bakeries!

Red Hen BakingKlinger’s Bread Company, La Panciata, and Bonté Bakery (gluten-free!) are available in both of our store locations, along with Wild Yeast in Woodstock and The Manghis’ Bread in Waterbury. 

And this just covers the staples. We haven’t even mentioned all of the amazing Vermont artisan products to compliment your feast. Made-in-Vermont butter, chutneys, cheeses, smoked meats, sweets, and more. Come peruse our shelves (and look for the “Local” sticker) for more ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving planning!

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