Why Eat Local?

We love this time of year! This month we kicked off “Local Food Is Love” at the Market, an annual celebration of the growing season in Vermont and the amazing products coming out of our neighbor’s farms and kitchens this time of year.

Between now and mid fall, it’s super easy to enjoy locally produced foods. Why eat local? It’s healthier for you, the environment, and our community.

Better nutrition, better taste

Locally grown food that is picked days, if not hours, before landing on your dinner table has higher nutritional value than produce that has to be trucked in from afar. The longer it takes produce to reach you, the fewer vitamins and minerals it has. And then there’s the taste. You just can’t compare the flavor of a fresh garden tomato, or any other veggie or piece of fruit for that matter, with one picked weeks or months ago.

Fewer chemicals

When you know your farmer, you know how your food is grown! Whenever possible, our local farmers use techniques and strategies that are sustainable and organic in nature, such as integrated pest management, crop rotation, cover-crop methods, green manure, the introduction of beneficial organisms, and nutrient and irrigation management. 

Environmentally responsible

The shorter trip from farm to table means less fuel consumption and therefore fewer carbon emissions. It’s as simple as that.

Good for our community and our local food system

When you buy local, you help support a strong local economy. Your dollars stay here, circulating between the businesses that make our community a great place to live and raise a family.

Plus, you’re helping our local farmers be good stewards of the earth. Responsible farming is expensive. That means that, yes, produce grown on small, family farms costs more than industrial farm products. But we think knowing where your food comes from (and who grows it) is worth every dollar. All of our farms are family-owned; some of them are multi-generational. They’re a vital part of our community, in so many ways.

Want to learn more? Here are a few stories we’ve compiled over the years about our local growers:

Edgewater Farm

Fresh Roots Farms

Four Corners Farm

Crossroad Farm

During this summer’s Local Food Is Love, we look forward to sharing more stories about our local producers and farmers. Stay tuned!

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