Which Bubbly Will You Choose for New Year’s Eve?

You know bubbly’s on the menu for your New Year’s Eve celebration. But which one to choose? We have a great selection of sparkling wines from France, Italy, Austria, and South Africa—and a true Champagne from France. Why not grab a few? You get 10% off when you buy 12 bottles of wine.

What’s the difference between all these bubblies? A bubbly wine is only Champagne if it’s made with specific grape varieties from the Champagne region of France. Otherwise, these wines are called Cava (from Spain); Prosecco (from Italy), or Sparkling Wine (from everywhere).

New on the shelf

Organic sparklers: These are super fun and tasty! Fuso Spuma Frizzante and Flora Col di Luna are frothy, fruity, and very drinkable.

Mini bottles: If you don’t need a full bottle, we have mini bottles of brut and rose sparkling wines—Hillinger Secco Rose and Grand Cortage Brut and Rose.

South African bubbly: This is Amelia’s pick for New Year’s—Graham Beck Brut from South Africa. 

Champagne: We have three true Champagnes on the shelf. New to the Market this season—Jean Laurent Blanc de Noirs.

Cheers to health, good food and drink, and community! Happy New Year!

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