What’s the Deal with Canned Wine?

A few years ago we carried only two brands of canned wine at the Market. This summer we have an entire display. Sales of canned wine have exploded in recent years. And they’re not just “cheap wines.” A number of reputable winemakers have jumped on the bandwagon. So what’s the deal? Why drink canned wine?

Here are a few good reasons (you might not have considered):

You can bring it to the beach or poolside.

No more sipping wine from a water bottle. Glass is prohibited at most public beaches and pools (even the grandparents have their rules). That’s why canned wine is perfect. You can stick it in a cooler right next to the beer, and you don’t even need to bring plastic cups along.

Cans chill down faster than glass.

Stick a can of wine in some ice and it’ll chill down in less than 10 minutes. And since you’ll find coolers in most places canned wine likes to travel—its portability makes canned wine a popular choice for camping, hiking, festivals, and other outings—you needn’t look far for that ice-cold plunge.

Sometimes you just want one serving.

The FDA defines one serving of wine as 5 ounces. Most wine cans hold about 8-12 ounces, or 1.5 to 2 servings of wine. Perfect for when you just don’t need an entire bottle, or want to practice portion control!

You can put it in a backpack.

Ever tried lugging a bottle of wine up a mountain for a sunset picnic? First of all, you probably don’t need an entire bottle if you’re planning on hiking down.  At one to two servings, cans are just the right size (and much lighter to carry). Plus, they don’t require glasses or a corkscrew.  Just open the can and enjoy.

It won’t explode if shaken (or shatter if you drop it).

We’ve all had this experience. The dreaded beer bomb. Red, white, and pink canned wines aren’t carbonated, so you can shake them all you want … you’re not going to lose half the canand ruin your outfitwhen you open it up. (This rule does not apply to sparkling wines, which are also now available in cans!)

Cans are 100% recyclable.

Even though we throw our glass wine bottles in with the recycling, the truth is, many cities and counties don’t recycle glass, even if they have recycling programs. Recycling centers are able to sell cans for approximately 80 percent more than colored glass. So experts recommend buying cans over glass whenever possible.

Find out for yourself why so many people are switching over to canned wine. Especially during the summer. We have a great selection of canned wines in the front of the store (near the cheese department). Grab a can or two for your next outdoor excursion, and let us know what you think!




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