What Is Hard Cider Seltzer?

It looks like hard cider. Tastes like hard cider. But it’s a little less sweet and a little more sparkly.

Have you tried hard cider seltzer? If you’re a fan of “regular” seltzer and “regular” hard cider, then you should grab a 4-pack and see what you think. Hard cider seltzers are made with fresh fruit, just like regular hard cider, but are lower in alcohol (approx. 4-5% ABV compared to 6.5% or higher for regular cider),  calories (typically 1 gram of sugar or less), and carbs (about 2 grams or  so). And they’re super refreshing … everything you’d expect from a seltzer.

This summer Vermont’s Citizen Cider and Stowe Cider both jumped on the seltzer bandwagon and came out with their own cider seltzers. Citizen Cider‘s “Apple All Day” craft hard cider is aptly named, because it’s a drink you could enjoy right after an afternoon bike ride and again after dinner. They got creative and added some other flavors to the mix with their Ginger Love and Lemon Spritz varieties. Stowe Cider offers four options: The Classic, Citrus Ginger, Cranberry Lime, and Rosé Spritz.

Give them a try and let us know what you think!



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