The Vermont Spätzle Company: Gluten-Free and Delicious

Gluten-free spaetzle made right here in Vermont.

“We have been so fortunate that in the short two years that we have been in business, we have met so many great people and changed so many lives, especially gluten-free people. We love spreading the Spätzle Love.”
~ Julz and Marty

Location: Arlington, Vermont

Distance from the Market: 67 miles

This is the only company in the world that makes and sells gluten-free spätzle. And they’re based right here in Vermont.

Co-founder Marty Irion was born in Erlangen, Germany, and grew up eating the traditional spätzle made with wheat flour and eggs. After he married Julz (who loves to cook), she began making spätzle for Marty and their two children.

All this spätzle-eating came to a screeching halt when the Irions needed to go gluten-free. Julz spent seven years experimenting with different recipes until she finally hit the jackpot: a delicious gluten-free version of the German culinary staple. Lucky for us, in 2017 they began packaging and selling their unique and delicious product as “Vermont Spätzle Company.”

by The Vermont Spatzle Company

Why We Love It: We admire anyone who’s willing to spend years perfecting a recipe. So we’re particularly impressed with Julz’s stick-to-itiveness. After all of that hard work, she nailed it with this delicious gluten-free version of a family favorite.

Plus, spätzle is super versatileyou can enjoy it plain with butter or combine it with veggies and cheese. Since spätzle is pan-fried, it doesn’t get mushy when cooked, like many gluten-free pastas.

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