Sweet Cow Yogurt: Fresh From the Family Farm

One barn, three cows, and daily batches of creamy yogurt.

“As a family, we are committed to working hard and caring for the land, the health and comfort of our cows, our customers and what goes into each and every cup of yogurt.” ~ Diane

Location: West Newbury, Vermont

Distance from the Market: 44 miles

Sweet Cow Yogurt is a family business that makes small-batch, artisan yogurt using milk from their own pasture-raised Jersey cows and home-grown fresh fruit. Their delicious, tangy yogurt is pure and natural: fresh milk + live, active cultures.

The farm sits on 34 acres of lovingly cared-for land at the end of a dirt road in northern Vermont. This is a small operation; they have one barn, a few cows, and a team of family members. Which means they have complete control over the production process.

The Wyatt family is committed to NEVER using growth hormones or incorporating GMO products or artificial ingredients in their yogurts. They employ sustainable farming practices, including natural fertilizers (i.e., manure) and pasture rotation to ensure that their cows always have fresh, green grass to munch on. This healthy diet results in a creamy, nutrient-rich milk that gives their yogurt its rich texture. (Most of their fruit comes from their own orchard or nearby farms.)

Why We Love It: There are so many commercial varieties on the market right now, it’s easy to forget what real, pure yogurt tastes like. Sweet Cow Yogurt reminds us of the yogurt our grandmother made using fresh milk and just-picked fruit from the family farm. We love the simplicity, the honesty, and the “homeyness” of this Vermont-made product.

We also love Sweet Cow’s story. Diane and her family started out selling yogurt at their local Farmers’ Market and have grown their distribution to 15 stores, including the Woodstock Farmers’ Market. But not without their troubles. Thanks to their perseverance, loyal customer base, and one extremely helpful college professor, they’ve found success.

We’re proud to support family businesses like Sweet Cow. People working hard to produce good, honest food while bettering their communities and the land they depend upon.

This is only a teaser. Grab a tissue and read Sweet Cow’s inspirational story about the power of what Diane calls “Divine Providence.” She tells it best:  sweetcowyogurt.com/history.

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