Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea

Experts in sourcing, roasting, and tasting.

“I still get excited every week about discovering coffees from all over the world which taste delicious, have a sense of terroir, and that I can bring back to share with customers in Vermont.  It’s also important to me to work with the coffee farmers to attain a certain level of quality and a price that is sustainable to keep them going and thriving.” ~ Mané Alves

Location: Waterbury Center, VT

Distance from Market: Less than 2 miles from our Waterbury store

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea was founded in 2000 by Mané Alves, a native of Lisbon, Portugal, who spent the first part of his career in California’s wine industry.  What might appear to be a leap from wine to coffee was actually a small step. Similar to wine, coffee has its own tastes and aromas based upon region, varietal, and the production (or roasting) process.

Mané is a coffee connoisseur. He travels the world looking for new coffees and leading talks and seminars on coffee production and quality standards. As an internationally recognized tasting judge, cupper, and instructor, Mané has a passion for helping others appreciate the subtleties of artisan coffee.

Vermont Artisan’s “School of Coffee,” located under the same roof as the Waterbury-based roasting facility, offers professional coffee training, from roasting courses to cupping and barista classes. They also have an in-house café (pictured above), where they sell espresso drinks, fresh coffee, and tea.

Mané’s  wife, Holly, oversees the marketing component of their multifaceted family business. They sell their products to markets, restaurants, and retailers throughout Vermont.

Why We Love Them: We’ve been carrying and serving Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea in our Woodstock store for years, never knowing that one day we’d be neighbors! This thriving Vermont business is just down the road from our Waterbury location.

We love that Mané works directly with his suppliers, cultivating one-on-one relationships with many of his coffee farmers and their families. At WFM, our relationships with our customers and producers are what makes our work meaningful. So we appreciate Mane’s hands-on, personal approach to his business.

The coffee’s pretty good, too.

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