‘This Is So Good….You Should Sell It’

Not all plant milks are created equal. But we won’t try and explain why. We’ll leave that to the expert: Caroline of nutty life, a family-owned company based right here in Woodstock. Read on to learn the history of this local business and find out what sets nutty life apart from other plant milks on the shelf.

Q. What sparked your interest in dairy-free milks?

A. Back in 2009, I started getting severe stomach aches from your typical store-bought plant milks (after thinking I was lactose intolerant).  It turns out my stomach was reacting to the additives typically found in non-dairy and even dairy products—gums (linked to bowel issues) and carrageenan (linked to bowel cancer).  From that day forward, I became obsessed with clean eating. Fast forward a few years to when my cousin taught me how to make almond milk.  I started making it daily for myself—and friends and family were drooling over it.

Q. What inspired you to start your own company? And when/where was it founded?

A. After making almond milk for myself for about five years and bouncing from desk job to desk job, I found myself pretty unfulfilled working at Merrill Lynch in downtown Boston.  I had the idea of selling my almond milk in the back of my head since friends and family would say, “this is so good…you should sell it.”  I decided to launch a kickstarter in 2015 to try to make that dream a reality.  I raised $5,000 with no name for the business—just a passion for making almond milk. I started working for my first boss out of college part-time while I learned all of the rules and regulations of a food business. My first test batches of almond milk were made in mason jars out of my tiny shared Beacon Hill (Boston) apartment. Turns out, you need a commercial kitchen to legally sell (which we found) and nutty life launched in Boston area stores at the end of 2016.

Q. What sets nutty life apart from other nut milk products?

A. At nutty life, we use the cleanest possible organic ingredients—and we use way more nuts and oats to give it the creamiest texture. Most brands skimp on the nuts and oats and use fillers (like gums and carrageenan) to make the plant milks feel thicker in your mouth. Our goal from day 1 was to make a plant milk that was clean and affordable. We started off selling our larger bottles at $10 (now $6.99) and our smaller bottles at $8 (now $4.99). We work hard to get the best ingredients at the best price—and we always pass along the savings to our end customer 🙂 We also make everything ourselves (instead of opting for a co-manufacturer) so we have complete control over all production. We use a unique processing technique to make our products super creamy, and we use every last drop of every ingredient (zero food waste).

Q. What products do you currently offer?

A. We currently offer organic oat milk, organic almond milk, and organic cashew milk.  Behind the scenes, we also make bulk hemp milk and bulk coconut milk!

Q. What are your favorite ways to use nutty life milks?

A. My favorite way to use nutty life is for smoothies! I also use it daily in cereal and coffee (lattes, too, because they make the frothiest lattes!). And the 10oz plant milks (which have even more nuts than our 32oz blends!) are delicious in chia seed pudding, overnight oats, and oatmeal.  All of our plant milks are great for baking and cooking too. The options are endless!

Q. Anything new on the horizon?

A. We recently started making 10 liter bags of plant milk for food-service customers. It’s so awesome to partner with larger companies that have similar values on clean eating and clean labels. And people are obsessed with our bulk coconut milk, so we might just have to start bottling that up for retail too!

Q.  Is there anything else you’d like to share about your company or product?

A. We are 100% family owned and have taken no outside investment. My husband Craig and I have worked hard to save and re-invest into the business as we grow. That being said, we are always looking for strategic investment partners that can help take us to the next level 🙂

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