Carrier Roasting: They Taste Every Batch of Coffee They Roast

Delivering coffee beans from around the globe.

“To ensure the quality of your cup and the refinement of our craft we taste every single batch we roast.” ~ Carrier Roasting partners Ross Evans, Scott Kerner, and Matt Borg

Location: Northfield, Vermont

Distance from Market: 46 miles

Carrier Roasting Company is a small-batch Vermont roaster who cares deeply about the origin of their coffee beans. They work closely with their importing partners and producers to develop long-term, sustainable, and mutually beneficial relationships.

The company is named after the Carrier Pigeon, a bird that delivers messages home from faraway places. This is how Carrier Coffees team members see themselves: They bring high-quality coffee beans, and their unique stories and tastes, from distant lands to your cup. They also believe in the importance of maintaining the integrity of the bean’s flavor (and its unique birthplace) by not over-, under-, or uneven roasting.

Why We Love Them: We know it’s in the headline, but just to restate an important point: They taste every single batch of coffee they roast. The owners of Carrier Roasting Company score high on the “care factor.” As coffee lovers, we  appreciate their meticulous approach to the entire process, from sourcing to roasting to brewing.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. For the month of August, all 16-ounce bags of Carrier coffee are 10 percent off.

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