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Barrel aging anything is all the rage. . . and now its Vermont maple syrup! Al Wood of Wood’s Syrup in Randolph-right up the road from the Market-was tinkering around with his home brew (beer that is) and discovered the hot new trend of brewing beer in aged bourbon barrels. Said Al, “And I thought, why not Vermont maple syrup in barrels too? Bourbon and maple seem like a perfect match!”

After some research, he found a cool, small distillery not too far away-Tuthilltown Spirits in Gardiner, New York. Al tried one barrel, then two. . . now it’s taken off like a freight train. And I know why. . . one taste of this concoction will have you sit straight up in your seat. Like the barrel aging of actual bourbon, the bourbon barrel aged maple syrup takes on the amazing complexity of the barrels themselves-the actual flavor of the wood, the char on the inside of the barrels and-of course-any leftover bourbon that has been infused into the wood. Drizzled over vanilla ice cream-it’s like an adult after dinner drink! Yet it’s actually subtle enough for family Sunday morning French toast or pancakes! We even have customers that say it makes a great ingredient for craft cocktails!!

Now Al has branched out into Rum casks for his Maple Syrup! Check it out!

Amen, Al.

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Wood's Barrel Aged Vermont Maple Syrup

Bourbon, Rum

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