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It’s very simple. A 16oz bottle of WFM Maple Syrup and April’s Maple – Maple Crunch Pancake Mix Sometimes the simplest things say the most. We’ve added an amazing “Barn Pot” with our Farmers’ Market logo, made by famous local potter Miranda Thomas. See for more information on Miranda and her incredible pottery. Pretty fortunate that we have such great artisans 10 minutes down the road.

  • WFM Maple Syrup: , 16 oz, Woodstock, VT: Made especially for us by Maplecrest Farm.
  • April’s Maple, Maple Crunch Pancake Mix: , 12 oz package, Caanan VT: Delicious pancake mix with a maple crunch pack for sprinkling. Makes awesome pancakes.
  • Barn Creamer, 8 oz, Miranda Thomas, Bridgewater, VT: Miranda Thomas from Shackleton/Thomas makes incredible, timeless pottery that compliments any living space. Her husband Charlie makes equally stunning furniture that is shipped all over the country. This Farmers’ Barn Pot Creamer is an exclusive piece made by Miranda. Our raised logo puts a cool stamp on this amazing little piece of pottery.

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