Misty Knoll Turkey Breast-$20 Deposit


  • $8.99 per pound.
  • A single breast is 3-4 lbs, and a double breast is 6-8 lbs.
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Don’t want a whole turkey? We’ve got Misty Knoll turkey breasts that you can cook up at home to serve on Christmas Day. Misty Knoll Farms is located in New Haven, Vt. Their turkeys are raised in large, open-air turkey houses, where they have room to roam and enjoy the fresh air.

*Please note: Turkey breasts are all different sizes. We’ll do our best to select a combination of breasts that are as close as possible to the size you requested. Whenever in doubt, we will always round up, providing slightly more than you ordered versus slightly less.

  • Breasts will be sold thawed, but were previously frozen.
  • There is a $20 deposit at time of ordering. You will pay the balance at pickup.

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Turkey Breasts

Double (6-8 lbs), Single (3-4 lbs)