Standing Rib Roast-$20 Deposit


  • Standing rib roasts are $16.99 per pound.
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Also known as prime rib, the standing rib roast is one of the most succulent and highest quality cuts of beef. The tradition of serving prime rib at Christmas is thought to date back to the Industrial Revolution.

All of our beef is New England-raised, grass fed and grain finished for the last 30-60 days, giving it the perfect blend of beef flavor and marbling.

  • A $20 deposit is required at time of ordering. You’ll pay the balance at pickup.

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Standing Rib Roast

1 bone (2-2.5 lbs), 2 bones (4-5 lbs), 3 bones (6-7 lbs), 4 bones (8-10 lbs), 5 bones (11-12 lbs), 6 bones (13-15 lbs)