Within a 20-mile radius of our little town of Woodstock, we’ve got dozens of top-quality specialty food producers. That’s truly remarkable. All five of these products are short channel (from farm to bottle/bag in a very short period, with no middle man), handmade with top ingredients, and are, frankly, very unique. Want to send a piece of Woodstock to friends or family? This is the perfect gift.

  • Wood’s VT Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup(Bethel, 15 miles) Al Wood’s family has been producing Vermont maple syrup for years. The latest generation has jumped onto the barrel aging craze with incredible success and.their Bourbon Barrel Aged pure Vermont maple syrup is killer.
  • Down to Earth Confections: (Barnard, 5 miles) Chef by day at a very swanky nearby resort, Chris turns into local chocolatier extraordinaire by night. Down to Earth Chocolates in Barnard is truly spectacular chocolate. In his spare time, Chris makes some of the most interesting, delicious and creative chocolate we’ve seen in years. We will feature his latest and greatest in this Woodstock box.
  • Quaker Hill Granola—Maple Cashew, 16 oz, Randolph, VT: Nancy Tucker has been producing her incredible granola just up the road in Randolph since 1990! We simply can never keep enough on our shelves. I would say that means something.
  • Plymouth Artisan Cheese, 8 oz (Plymouth, VT – 15 miles): These guys cold-smoke cheddar over hickory wood in the classic Vermont tradition. Awesome cheese and owners/cheesemakers Sarit and Jessie are often shopping in the Market chatting up their incredible cheesee.
  • Blake Hill Preserves (Windsor, VT – 20 miles): Vicky Allard and Joe Hanglin are third-generation English preserve makers who create exceptional jams, marmalades and chutneys in Windsor, Vermont. Using fruit primarily grown within 50 miles of their home, they create preserves in the traditional manner: with no added pectin, only sugar and lemon juice, slow-cooked to preserve their flavor, color and texture. Each jar contains fat, luscious pieces of fruit suspended in flavorful jam, ready to spread on buttered toast or an afternoon scone!

*Due to the limited availability of some of our products at different times of the year or if there is a product that is temporarily unavailable, we will just go ahead and substitute another great product of equal value if necessary.

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