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We are fortunate to have some of the finest cheese makers in the country located in the state of Vermont. Our climate, fertile soil, clean air and fresh water are the building blocks to delicious cheeses. Take a great road trip through Vermont with our outstanding sampler boxes.

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Our sampler contains three cheeses, approximately half pound each, thoughtfully displayed in an attractive WFM gift box.


Whitney from Jasper Hill Farm of Greensboro, Vermont.
This semi-firm, mountain-style cheese is made with milk from Jasper Hill’s grass-fed cows. Aged 3-6 months.

Jersey Girl from Woodcock Farm of Weston, Vermont. A tomme-style cheese made from farm-fresh milk. It has a semi-soft paste, aromas of cultured milk, and a sharp, buttery finish.

Cheddar from Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, Vermont.
This tasty cheddar is made from raw milk from Shelburne Farm’s pasture-raised herd of Brown Swiss cows.


**Due to the limited availability of some of our cheeses at different times of the year, we substitute different cheeses when necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

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As cheese needs to arrive at is destination within 2 days, we only ship to locations that UPS ground can reach within 2 days of our store. States listed below. For cheese shipping beyond that area, please call our office and speak to a mail order specialist. Thank you!  802-457-3658

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