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Phyllis Fox is just over the river from us in Hanover, New Hampshire, producing this sweet and spicy mustard. Made with imported balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic and molasses, it’s one of those products that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Thick as creamed honey, dark, sweet and hot both, it can be used on sandwiches and as a glaze or marinade for meats (especially pork!).

Here at the Market it has been a staple on our sandwich menu since we opened and featured on our vegan sandwich “The Garden of Eden” (Lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, avocado and apple slices with Fox’s on multigrain bread).

Shawn, our web designer, loves Fox’s so much that he ate his mustardy sandwich in the car on the way to a meeting with an important client. He didn’t realize that the dark brown Fox’s had leaked all over his khakis until he arrived at his destination. He snuck into the meeting early, sat down fast, and afterward waited til everyone else had left before making his getaway.

All-natural, vegan, fat-free, and containing only 5mg of sodium. . .and yet it tastes great! Hard to imagine, I know. But you don’t have to believe me. Just ask Shawn.

8 oz

**Due to the limited availability of some of our products at different times of the year or if there is a product that is temporarily unavailable, we will just go ahead and substitute another great product of equal value if necessary. 

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