FARMERS’ COFFEE (Whole bean)

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For many years now we have been known for our rich and strong coffee. Who likes weak coffee? Brew it strong or go home is our motto. Moreover, for over 20 years we’ve partnered with our small roaster up in Maine to create our signature coffee blends like Hurricane, not to mention Maple Hazelnut and Almond Joy. To boot, our coffee is roasted fresh every week. It’s like having our own personal roaster. 12oz

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FARMERS' COFFEE (Whole bean)

Black Magic (whole bean) This is the Stevie Ray Vaughn of coffee: bold yet smooth, strong yet mellow, dark roasted yet easy on the palate. An ideal blend for those who prefer a dark roast yet object to the overpowering acidity or bite of a conventional darker roast. Organic and Fair Trade. 12 oz. Whole bean.

Almond Joy (whole bean) Like the chocolate bar! Flavors of coconut, almond and chocolate make this a great afternoon treat. 12oz. Whole bean.

Maple Hazelnut (whole bean) Our best-selling flavored coffee! Rich and nutty with a great maple aroma, this is the cup you want on Monday morning to get your week off to a good start. Whole bean.

Hurricane Blend (whole bean) A fantastic blend of Colombian and Mexican beans, city-roasted for a mellow yet kick-ass cup of joe. Smooth yet powerful, the eye of the storm. Organic and Fair Trade. 12oz. Whole bean.


*On rare occasions we might be out of one of our coffees. We will let you know and substitute another one of our great micro roasted coffees.