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We have ended our “limited-time offer” Friends of Farmers’ Card program that we launched to help cover expenses during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you to everyone who participated.

We hope you’ll consider a regular Farmers’ Card to make curbside shopping more convenient, eliminating the need to provide your credit card information for every order.

How do I get a Farmers’ card?  You may purchase one online via credit card or fill out a form available at the registers in our store with payment via check, cash or credit.

Is there a minimum amount I can purchase? The minimum amount is $300.

Do I need my card present to purchase? You don’t need your card for purchase. For security purposes, all transactions are reviewable any time in our POS system plus all signatures are captured electronically.

If I don’t need the card, how do you know it’s my account? Have there been security issues? 
All we need is your name or account number. We have had no incidences of abuse. But as with everything at the Farmers’ Market your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for some reason someone deliberately uses your account without your permission, we will close the account and reissue you another card and refund you the amount used.

Do I receive a statement? 
No. This is not a charge account. All monies are due at time of card purchase. If there are questions about the use of your account or charges on the account, you can call Steve  Panoushek at 802-457-3658, ext. 232. All purchases, including the signature of the person making the purchase, are retained and viewable in our POS system for security purposes.

What if I run out of the card’s value when I am in the middle of a transaction?
No problem. You may repurchase with check, cash or credit card or finish the transaction with another form of payment.

How long is my card good for? 
This is not a gift card program where some stores put limits and expirations. Your Farmers’ Card is good in perpetuity.

What if I lose my card or it gets stolen? We will cancel the card and issue you a new one with the remaining balance.

What’s the difference between a Farmers’ Card and a Gift Card? 
The WFM Gift Card program typically deals with denominations from $1 to $299. Farmers’ Cards are prepaid shopping cards designed for the convenience of everyday shopping and will have denominations that start at $300. You may purchase in any increments between $300 to a maximum of $3,000 dollars. That being said, if you wanted to purchase a Gift Card for someone over $300 that’s cool too—that program is not going away.

Will there be a discount on my purchases?
We’ve run a couple of “limited-time offer” Farmers’ Cards programs over the past 10 years that offer a 5-10% discount on purchases. However, our regular Farmers’ Card program does not offer a discount. We see the card as an added convenience to make shopping at WFM easier. However, we continue to look into reward, loyalty and discount programs and hope to have more sophisticated programs in place in the future. We want to continue to build loyalty and satisfaction and see this as a serious mission within the community. Stay tuned.

Can I use my card online? You can use your prepaid shopping card for curbside shopping. However, it cannot be used to make online purchases for mail-order gifts.

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Farmers Card

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