We like Brunch because it doesn’t have a lot of rules – breakfast and lunch foods are all fair game. So instead of the usual line up, we’ve put our own spin on the meal…

  • King Arthur Baking Mixes, (Norwich, VT): King Arthur makes killer mixes and we sell them by the boatload. We’ll choose appropriate delicious morning bread from their varied collection.
  • Back Roads Granola (Brattleboro, VT):Some of our favorite granola, loaded with fruit and nuts. Try it in a yogurt parfait.
  • April’s Maple, Maple Crunch Pancake Mix (Caanan VT) : Delicious pancake mix with a special pack of “maple crunch”: crystallized maple sugar to sprinkle on while cooking. It caramelizes in the pan, making outrageous pockets of built-in maple flavor! 12oz package.
  • Maplecrest Maple Syrup, South Woodstock, VT: Made for us just up the road! Medium Amber, the classic choice for pancakes and everything else.
  • Ajiri Tea ( Upper Black Eddy, PA): Outstanding black tea from our friends down in PA. All profits from the sale of this 100% Kenyan tea go toward school supplies for orphan children in Keyna. Go to for more information on this great cause.
  • Northwoods Apiaries Raw Honey (Westfield, VT):Not heating honey keeps all the important nutrients and enzymes right where they belong – in your delicious honey. 8 oz.
  • Vermont Coffee Company (Middlebury, VT): Great all-around coffee, good for any time of day. NOTE: this is whole-bean coffee, which requires grinding to use. If you do not have your own grinder, most supermarkets will let you use theirs. Whole-bean coffee stays fresh much longer than pre-ground. 8oz bag.
  • Dona Chai Concentrate (Brooklyn, NY):We love this chai concentrate! They source spices from collectives across the world, paying attention to place of origin, growing conditions, and end quality. Mix with equal parts hot water. 8 oz.

*Due to the limited availability of some of our products at different times of the year or if there is a product that is temporarily unavailable, we will just go ahead and substitute another great product of equal value if necessary.

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