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We love breakfast foods. We love them so much, we could eat them all day. And sometimes we do. Breakfast for dinner? Why not? Especially when you have pancakes and maple syrup at the ready. Drizzle a little of this Vermont-made honey in your tea, and snuggle up  with a good book, whatever time of day or night it is. This box features some of our favorite (and top-selling) breakfast foods and drinks. And, of course, maple syrup to go with!

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Stonewall Kitchen Scone Mix, (York, ME): 
Stonewall Kitchen products are tried and true. They use quality ingredients to create a wide range of baking mixes, jams, and condiments. We’ll choose a delicious scone mix from their varied collection.

Back Roads Granola (Brattleboro, VT):
Some of our favorite granola, loaded with fruit and nuts. Try it in a yogurt parfait.

April’s Maple, Maple Crunch Pancake Mix, 12 oz (Caanan VT):
Delicious pancake mix with a special pack of “maple crunch”: crystallized maple sugar to sprinkle on while cooking. It caramelizes in the pan, making outrageous pockets of built-in maple flavor!

Maplecrest Maple Syrup (South Woodstock, VT): 
Made for us just up the road! Medium Amber, the classic choice for pancakes and everything else.

Ajiri Tea ( Upper Black Eddy, PA): Outstanding black tea from our friends down in PA. All profits from the sale of this 100% Kenyan tea go toward school supplies for orphan children in Keyna. Go to for more information on this great cause.

Northwoods Apiaries Raw Honey, 8 oz (Westfield, VT):
Not heating honey keeps all the important nutrients and enzymes right where they belong – in your delicious honey.

Vermont Artisan Coffee, Medium, 12 oz (Waterbury Center, VT):
We’ve been carrying and serving Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea in our Woodstock store for years, never knowing that one day we’d be neighbors (at our new location in Waterbury)! We love that owners Mané and Holly work directly with their suppliers, cultivating one-on-one relationships with many of their coffee farmers and their families.

Giraldo Farms Regular Instant Coffee (Pearl River, NY):
This coffee has a  sweet fruity aroma, good body and well balanced properties that allow for the attributes to come though in every sip you take.  Grown in the high mountains of the Andean region in Colombia, you are sure to find this one the best freeze-dried coffees


*Due to the limited availability of some of our products at different times of the year or if there is a product that is temporarily unavailable, we will just go ahead and substitute another great product of equal value if necessary.