We should be the Woodstock Farmers Chocolate Shoppe. We are constantly being cursed for such a great selection by our guests. Funny thing is that chocolate has now morphed into something almost unrecognizable – kinda like our buddy Dr. Bruce Banner. Who knew Halvah would be hot? Or toffee – my gosh, we can’t keep the hundreds of different kinds of toffee on our shelves. Our guarantee: this box will be a huge winner and if not, send it back and our staff will gobble it up. And we’ll take it back sans Hulk Smash: no anger or ripped shirts cause eating sweets actually calms us down.

  • Vermont Amber (White River Jct, VT): Good Food Award winning toffee made down the road that is really, really outstanding with some really cool concoctions like Fennel Seed, Coconut or Ginger Cookie. We feature best available in this gift box. Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. 5 oz.
  • Down to Earth (Barnard VT): Chef by day at a very swanky nearby resort, Chris turns into local chocolatier extraordinaire by night. Down to Earth Chocolates in Barnard is truly spectacular chocolate. In his spare time, Chris makes some of the most interesting, delicious and creative chocolate we’ve seen in years. We will feature his latest and greatest in this gift box.
  • Frans Chocolate (Seattle, WA): Frans is committed 100% organic and fair trade, which translates to fantastic chocolate. Every time we have a demo, we are amazed that we could possibly sell that much in one day. We feature her grey salted caramels. 2.1 oz.
  • Tony’s Chocoloney (Portland, OR): Big bar, fun bar, slave free bar. All good stuff and now one of our top selling chocolate bars. 6 oz.
  • HU Chocolate (New York, NY): HU is paleo, vegan, and stone ground chocolate that’s fast becoming a top seller. Organic, fair traded. Our favorite: Salty Dark Chocolate. 2.1 oz.
  • Halvah Heaven (Sherborn, MA): Halvah? Yep, it’s a tahini based confection that’s always popular during the Jewish holidays but they have upped the ante to year round Halvah fun. It’s outstanding stuff and one of our hot items for this year. We feature the best available for this box. 4oz.
  • Ambrosia Confections (Weston, VT): Fruite de Pate? Gourmet gummy Bears? (I hate the word gourmet!) Whatever you want to call them, give these a try. With flavors like watermelon lime, mango or strawberry – hold the phone – these things are AMAZING. We feature best available in this box. 6oz.
  • Nutty Steph’s Chocolate (Middlesex VT): Good Food Award winning chocolate from our good friends at Nutty Steph’s. She runs an outstanding coffee/chocolate shop not too far from the Market. 2.4 oz.
  • Farmhouse Chocolates and Ice Cream (Bristol, VT): Their 85% Organic and fair trade with toasted almonds is our favorite. 1.7 oz.
  • Chocolate Hollow Logs (Winooski, VT): Vegan chocolate made with Schmilk, their version of a non-milk chocolate. Being completely “un-vegan” it sounded horrible to me. Throw that nonsense away: this is fantastic and we sell a ton of these little logs year round. Truly remarkable vegan chocolate. We feature best available in this gift box. 2 oz.

*Due to the limited availability of some of our products at different times of the year or if there is a product that is temporarily unavailable, we will just go ahead and substitute another great product of equal value if necessary.

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