Our Seven Favorite New Products in 2022

Our grocery buyers do an amazing job of filling our shelves with the best products around. They’re also the first to see and taste these yummy foods when they come in the door. So, as we head into the New Year, we asked them to share a few of their favorite new grocery items from 2022. Here’s what they’re most excited about:

Keogh’s Irish Whiskey Barbecue Potato Chips

We’ve been carrying Keogh’s potato chips for awhile, but Irish Whiskey Barbecue is a new flavor they introduced this year. And we’re loving them! See the guys on the front of the bag? These are the third-generation of Keoghs who have been growing potatoes on the family farm in North County Dublin for over 200 years. In 2011 they started selling their potato crisps commercially, made using three kettle friers imported from Pennsylvania.

Mi Nina Tortilla Chips

If you haven’t tried Mi Nina tortilla chips, this is a must for 2023. These chips are made just to the south of us in Brockton, Mass., using 100% U.S. non-GMO white corn, lime, and water. The chef-owner set out to re-create the tortilla chips that his mother-in-law sent him from his wife’s hometown in Mexico. Trust us, these tortilla chips—incredibly light, crispy, and flavorful, are unlike any chip you’ll find in a bag anywhere.

Cabot Cheddar popcorn

We all know Cabot for their amazing Vermont-made dairy products. But this past year they introduced a new item to their lineup: popcorn! Made with the same award-winning cheeses you’ll find in our dairy case. Not only are Cabot products produced right here in Vermont using milk from local farms, they’re the only snack food brand in the U.S. that has the B Corp certification. And we think that’s pretty cool.

Will Flour Pancake Mix

This family-owned business launched in 2021, right here in Vermont. They produce gluten-free mixes. The first in their product lineup is their Bed-and-Breakfast pancake mix, made with simple, all-natural ingredients. We feel confident recommending it for your table, as the pancakes have already received accolades from our Farmers’ family kids. We’re excited to try their new Gluten-Free Tempura Mix!


This is, hands-down, our favorite new non-alcoholic drink in 2022. Located in Hinesburg, Vermont, this family-owned company produces a healthy, refreshing cold beverage called Shrubbly. The recipe is based on the old-fashioned “Shrub” mixer—made with perishable fruits and apple cider vinegar in the days before refrigeration. The modern Shrubbly is “Shrub” (organic fruit, herbs and spices, and apple cider vinegar) added to sparkling water. You can drink it straight from the can.

Organic Maple Syrup

Bourdon Maple Farm Maple Syrup (sold in Woodstock)

Owner Don Bourdon has been making maple syrup for over 30 years, but his certified organic maple syrup was new to our shelf in 2022. Their 150-acre sugarbush, located in Woodstock, is certified as a Bird-Friendly Maple Project through Audubon Vermont and conserved for future generations through the Vermont Land Trust. Their website is chockful of beautiful photos and a detailed explanation of the sugar-making process.

Square Deal Farm (sold in Waterbury)

Square Deal Farm is a working family farm, located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and bordered by an 11,000 acre wildlife preserve. Their organic maple syrup is made by boiling sap gathered from their sugarbush. They also raise Pinzgauer cattle, grow apples, and tend bees.

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