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We specialize in supporting smaller food artisans that share our values of community, sustainability and great taste. It’s a team effort: we realize the economic benefits to not only our state and our community but to other states and other small communities when everyone comes together and supports local agriculture and local food businesses.

So check out these outstanding gifts of food. By purchasing “local” not only are you sending great food made by real people, you are giving them the gift of eating better and feeling better while supporting smaller economies all around the country. That’s pretty cool stuff.

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Outstanding snack boxes with some popular combinations for all occasions.


We love Vermont cheese. But cheese hates to travel. We are only shipping cheese to UPS Ground 2 Day Destinations. Click here for details.


Food that we ship because it’s popular. Call if you don’t see something from our shelves (non-perishable) and we can ship it to you!