Nick’s Picks: Three Beers To Enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day

Wondering what to drink this St. Patrick’s Day? We recommend beer.

But which style is the best fit for your taste buds? Nick, our cashier leader and beer buyer, has a few ideas for you. And two of them are $1 off through St. Patrick’s Day!

Whiplash by Red Barn Brewery

This Bavarian Wheat beer (Hefeweizen) is wonderfully complex, yet light and drinkable; it won’t fill you up before you’ve dug into your corned beef mash. Fresh grassy hops coupled with roasted wheat flavors (cloves with a touch of banana) makes Whiplash an excellent accompaniment to any meal or occasion. The brewery is based in Danville, Vermont. Check out their website to learn more.

Craic by Harpoon

If you’re an IPA lover, this may be the beer for you. Craic blends the toasted malt of an Irish Red with the fruity hops of an IPA. Here’s more about it. Harpoon is based in Windsor, Vermont. Get it at the Market for $1 off through March 17.

This employee-owned brewery has been in business since 1986, which makes it one of the oldest breweries in the state. You may remember the Harpoon Winter Warmer and Oktoberfest in the early 1990s, followed by the Harpoon IPA, way before anyone else on the East Coast was even thinking about IPAs. Those “firsts” have been followed by many more … If you haven’t tried  this particular flavor, now’s the time!


The definitive Irish beer, Guinness is your typical go-to for St. Patrick’s Day. Rich and creamy, it’s truly a meal unto itself. Up until a few years ago, when the craft beer revolution hit Ireland, Guinness was one of three Irish beers on the market. Today this brew remains the most historical. The brewery was founded in 1759 in Dublin, Ireland, and is now brewed in about 50 countries. We’re offering Guinness for $1 off through March 17. Learn more about this legendary Irish beer.

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