Introducing Our ‘New’ Apple Pie with Champlain Orchards Apples

Our apple pies may look the same, but we think they taste a little different.

The bakery team is excited to announce that we’re now baking with Champlain Apples, fresh from Shoreham, Vermont.

Not only do we think they make better apple pies, we’re also proud to support this family-owned, ecologically-managed orchard. Their apples are eco-certified by the Integrated Pest Management Institute of North America, which means they’re committed to using natural and eco-sensitive methods to ward off pests and disease.

Champlain Orchards is one of the oldest, continually operating orchards in Vermont. Bill and Andrea Scott have owned the orchard since 1998. Their ecological farming practices include using wood chips from pruned branches as a natural mulch around the base of their trees to in increase plant health. Rather than pesticides, they use natural predators, mating disruption, and trapping to keep pests away. To learn more, visit their website or plan a summer road trip. The orchard, with an astounding 110 varieties of apples, overlooks Lake Champlain with views of the Adirondack Mountains. It’s a pretty spectacular location.

If you’re an apple pie lover, we think you’re going to love these apples!

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