Help for Casey’s Family

We lost an incredibly bright star at Farmers’ this week. His name is Casey Farrell. He battled cancer valiantly.  

Casey was the epitome of the Farmers’ spirit. Every job was worth tackling with gusto, energy, and positivity. He was always smiling, upbeat, and ready to go. 

I can honestly say, when he began working here, his energy and positivity sent shock waves through the Market. It was infectious—and addicting. Everyone in the store was uplifted. He quickly grasped a job he had never done before—buying and selling produce, which may sound easy, but it’s not. He thrived and excelled being around fresh food and produce. He increased sales. His merchandising was killer.   

I don’t know if I have ever been privileged to know a more spirited, energetic, execution-oriented, happy, do-the-right-thing person—ever.

We have a “Food Fund” set up at the registers to help out his wife Kristi and their 3-year-old daughter Ivy. It’s an account for them to use for Curbside or for stopping in the store. If you’d like to contribute, please just ask.  Also, their Go Fund Me page is still available.

Words cannot describe the heartache here at Farmers’. We are forever grateful for having had his wisdom and energy in our building for the past two years. 

~ Patrick

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  1. DearPatrick and Farmers’ Family,
    My heart breaks for Casey and his family, and friends including all of you. Thank you Patrick for your lively account of Casey. I truly believe that he has shared a flame everlasting with you. I believe his spirit will always bring a spark of joy to your life and your work,
    Diana Brown

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