Harvest for Hunger


Let’s work together to support
our local food shelfs!

We’re excited to have begun our 2019 Harvest for Hunger fundraising initiative in both Woodstock and Waterbury. When you visit the store, you will be asked whether you’d like to “round up” your purchase to the nearest dollar. When you say “yes,” we donate the difference.

In Woodstock, your donations help purchase fresh produce for the Woodstock Community and Reading/West Windsor food shelfs (November through May). Since this is our first year in Waterbury, we’re keeping it simple. At the end of the campaign, we’ll write a check to the Waterbury Area Food Shelf for the total round-up donation amount.


It’s our philanthropic campaign to benefit food shelfs in the Woodstock, Reading/West Windsor, and Waterbury areas.

A little history: The Woodstock Farmers’ Market has been ordering fresh produce for the Woodstock Community Food Shelf since the winter of 2006 (and the Reading West Windsor Food Shelf starting in 2015). Back in 2006, during the holidays, we put out collection boxes at our cash registers to raise money to buy fresh produce for the community food shelf. We had such a great response from our community that we decided to do it every holiday season.

This year we’re excited to start a similar tradition at our new store in Waterbury.


  • Donate any amount of spare change/dollars/or write a check
  • “Round Up” your purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the difference.

Learn more about the Woodstock Community Food Shelf and the Waterbury Area Food Shelf.

Read a recent blog post about the program.