Gifts for the Home Chef

Most of us are cooking at home more than ever. That’s a good thing. But to keep home cooking interesting, we need new flavors and products to experiment with. Mollie, our lead grocery buyer, put together this list of her favorite products to inspire and delight the home cook in your life. Pick one or a few to create your very own gift box.

Laura White Pottery: Garlic Grater or Oil Bottle

Laura White works out of her home-based pottery studio just down the road from our Woodstock location. We love the simplicity and functionality of her designs. ($49.99 for the oil bottle/$19.99 for the grater) Add them to your Curbside pickup order.

Truffliest Truffle Oil

This Italian olive oil, infused with Black Summer Truffles from Northern Italy, makes just about anything more delicious. Drizzle it on roasted vegetables, risotto, mashed potatoes, eggs, breads and pastas, popcorn … you name it. ($22.99 for 8.5 oz. bottle of Truffliest) Add it to your Curbside pickup order.

Seoul Gochujang

Another versatile ingredient that will add flavor to a range of dishes, from stews to stir fries. A staple in Korean cuisine, gochugang is a red chili pepper paste made from authentic Korean chili peppers. ($6.99 for 4 oz. bottle of gochujang paste) Add it to your Curbside pickup order.

Cipriani Pasta

If you’ve ever tried making your own pasta, this is what you were hoping for. You can’t get better than this high-quality pasta with a delicious eggy taste but light texture. Enjoy it with the Truffleist truffle oil (listed above) or any of your favorite sauces. ($10.99 for 8.82 oz. package of the Tagliolini) Add it to your Curbside pickup order.

Matiz Valenciano Paella Rice and Bomba

These are short-grain rices from Spain that are grown in the L’Albufera Park of Valencia in eastern Spain. Both are known for their high absorbency rate, which means they’ll hold on to the rich flavor in your dishes. But if you’ve got some serious sauce going on, the Bomba Rice absorbs 1/3 more! ($7.49 for 1kg of the Paella Rice/$13.49 for 1kg of the Bomba Rice) Add it to your Curbside pickup order.

NY Shuk: Signature Harissa or Harissa with Preserved Lemon

You can’t go wrong with any products by NY Shuk, a chef-owned company that specializes in Middle Eastern pantry staples. Our two favorites are their Signature Harissa and Harissa with Preserved Lemon—chili pepper condiments that add flavor and heat to any dish. ($14.99 for a 10 oz. container of the Signature Harissa/$17.99 for a 10 oz. container of the Harissa with Preserved Lemon) Add it to your Curbside pickup order.

Need more gift ideas? Check out our holiday gift guides for the Hostess, the Chocolholic, and the Coffee Lover.

Happy holiday shopping!

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