Former Ski Racers Make a Life on Four Corners Farm

Living the farm life since 1978.

by Bob Gray of Four Corners Farm

“We take great pride in producing the very highest quality fruits and vegetables possible, while at the same time making every effort to take care of the land that is taking care of us.” ~ Bob and Kim Gray

Location: South Newbury, Vermont
Distance from the Market: 49 miles

Four Corners is a family farm in South Newbury, Vermont, with 50 acres of fruit and vegetables, a farm stand, and a small herd of Jersey dairy cows and Scottish Highland beef cows.

In 1978, Kim and Bob Gray, both native Vermonters and former members of the U.S. ski team, began farming a 120-acre parcel. Over the years they purchased neighboring lands, growing the farm to its current size of 225 acres. Today Kim and Bob and their three grown children manage the farm. They grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including their locally famous strawberry and tomato crops.

by Bob Gray of Four Corners Farm

Why We Love Them: Bob takes amazing photos. You should check them out. Of course we love Four Corners Farm for their delicious fruit and veggies. But Bob’s photos give us an opportunity to see where this beautiful produce comes from. And we get a glimpse of what farm life entails … quite literally “the view from the seat of the tractor.”

by Bob Gray of Four Corners Farm

Along with images of the bucolic landscape surrounding Four Corners Farm, a few “cute animal” pics, and close-ups of the gorgeous fruit and veggies coming out of the fields (and greenhouse), you’ll also see a few pint-sized farmers. This is a true family farm. The Grays work hard to provide for three generations of their family, while caring for the land and supplying farm-fresh produce to their community and the rest of us who are lucky enough to get a once-a-week delivery.

This article on VtDigger is a few years old, but the story hasn’t changed. It’s well worth the read.

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