Farmers’ 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Our favorite holiday gifts are thoughtful, personalized, and edible! You simply can’t go wrong with food gifts. They’re a particularly good option for a holiday host, co-worker, teacher, or neighbor. Or friends and family who are short on space but have plenty of room in the cupboard!

With the help of our grocery team, we’ve put together this collection of DIY holiday gift basket ideas that are perfect for anyone on your list.

The Happy Hothead

Spice up their holiday season with a selection of Vermont-made hot sauces. Here are three brands to look for on the shelf:

Butterfly Bakery of Vermont: These guys are the largest purchaser of Vermont-grown chili peppers, and we think that’s pretty cool. Not only do they produce some pretty amazing sauces using local ingredients (like Vermont maple syrup), they also do a lot to support their community through charitable giving and partnerships.

Sugar Bob’s Finest Kind: You can’t get more “classic Vermont” than Sugar Bob. Locally famous for his smoked maple syrup, Sugar Bob has expanded his repertoire to other products that feature his maple syrup, including a selection of hot sauces, barbecue sauce, and even nuts. We particularly love his Vermont Maple Sriracha!

Angry Goat Pepper Company: What started as gifts of homemade pepper jam for friends and neighbors has become a full-scale business for this husband-and-wife team, based in Bradford, Vt. They specialize in hot sauces, pepper jams, mustards, and barbecue sauces.

Bean-to-Bar Chocolates

Okay, raise your hand if you love chocolate! You really can’t go wrong with any (or all) of these bean-to-bar chocolate bars:

Crow and Moss: The perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a truly handmade chocolate bar. These bean-to-bar, small-batch chocolates come in a range of unique flavors. And if the chocolate itself isn’t enough, this trendy company has taken packaging to the next level with their colorful, eye-catching designs.

Farmhouse Chocolate: We love this chef-owned Vermont chocolate company. Here’s a blog post that tells their story. But in a nutshell: Farmhouse Chocolates is owned by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Erle and Eliza. They specialize in artisan dark chocolates—from 70% to 85% dark, made with 100% organic chocolate and wholesome, locally sourced ingredients.

Dick Taylor: These guys take their craft very seriously. They follow a meticulous, time-consuming process to create chocolate perfection. Every step counts, from the way their beans are grown, harvested, and dried, to the chocolate-making process itself. They even age their bars for up to four weeks to allow the flavors time to mature.

Rabble Rouser: This Vermont-based, employee-owned company lives its values, from their ethically-sourced ingredients to their work for economic and social justice. Plus, they make really good chocolate with simple, pure ingredients.

Oil & Vinegar

Although oil and vinegar are a staple in every kitchen, we don’t always treat ourselves to the very best. That’s what the holidays are for.

The Olive Table ‘s Extra Virgin Olive Oil: So we don’t grow olives in Vermont, but we consider this our “local” olive oil. Owners Dianne and Takis Hinaris live right up the road from our Woodstock store and source their products directly from family members and family friends in Greece. Their extra virgin olive oil, imported from the Hinaris family vineyard, is made using handpicked olives that are crushed within hours of being harvested. 

Ritrovo Organic Balsamic: We love everything by Ritrovo (their fruit balsamics are delicious), but we consider their aged balsamic a pantry staple. For a thicker, more syrupy balsamic, grab a bottle of the organic version.

The Cheese Board

Talk about practical—and yummy! Give your loved one all the components for their very own holiday cheese board.

Epicurean cutting board: We love the natural look of these made-in-the-USA cutting boards. But they’re also extremely practical. Constructed with an eco-friendly, paper composite, they’re non-porous, dishwasher safe, and knife friendly. Plus, they’re light (i.e., easy to store and move around the kitchen) and super durable.

A perfect cheese pairing: Although any of your favorite cheese and condiment pairings will do, we particularly love the made-in-Vermont combo of Blake Hill Preserves and Jasper Hill Farm. These two Vermont companies have collaborated on a selection of perfectly delectable pairings, like this one: Jasper Hill’s rich and creamy Harbison cheese and Blake Hill’s Raspberry Mostarda cheese condiment (or one of their other fruit varieties).

Castleton Crackers: Around the holidays, we have a tough time keeping these delicious handmade crackers on the shelf! They’re made in Vermont using an 1800s recipe that continues to win awards today.

Now all you need is a basket! Happy shopping!

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