Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream: It All Began in Grandma’s Kitchen

European-style sweet treats made with farm-fresh ingredients.

by Kathleen North Porter

“We live to make chocolates, ice cream, and sorbet that are simple, but sublime; that bring joy; that are made with the highest quality local and organic ingredients.” ~ Erle LaBounty

Location: Bristol, Vermont
Distance from the Market: 64 miles

Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream makes small-batch chocolates, ice cream, and sorbet using locally sourced and organic ingredients. Owners Erle LaBounty and Eliza La Rocca have turned their passion for European-style chocolates and ice-cream into their livelihood …. right here in Vermont, where Erle was born and raised.

Erle remembers sneaking sticks of butter out of the fridge, as a kid, and eating them whole. He’s always had an affinity for “simple yet sublime” foods. While other teenagers were goofing off after school, Erle was either helping out on his grandparents’ farm or perfecting his dark chocolate truffles and pralines in their farmhouse kitchen. He launched Farmhouse Chocolates in the late 1990s before heading off to the New England Culinary Institute for formal training. 

Meanwhile, his future wife Eliza La Rocca had embarked on her own culinary adventure,  leading food and wine tours in Italy and working on vineyards in Europe and Vermont. She came to Vermont in 2010, and the rest is LaBounty-La Rocca family history.

Eliza loves ice-cream. So, in 2015 the couple added ice-cream and sorbet to Farmhouse Chocolates’ product line. Her ice-cream is made with 14 percent butterfat, so there’s nothing airy about it. Just rich and creamy goodness.

Why We Love Them: This business began two decades ago in a Vermont farmhouse kitchen. Today Eliza and Erle are inspired by the same farm-fresh ingredients that fueled Erle’s early culinary passions—organic Vermont milk, Vermont cream, local eggs, organic and local produce, and the finest fresh herbs and spices.

These wholesome, locally sourced ingredients are what you’ll find in all of their products. You can’t get more “Vermont-y” than that. 

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2 Replies to “Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream: It All Began in Grandma’s Kitchen”

  1. Hi! We live in the Bristol area, and would love to purchase ice cream for curbside pick up, How do we do that?
    Elaine 802 495 9322

    1. Hi Elaine. Our curbside program will resume on Tuesday, April 21 (we took a 10-day break to regroup). Our online order form will be back up and running (on this site under Curbside Pickup) on Monday at 4. You just need to fill out an order form (including the ice-cream you’re interested in) and a preferred pickup time, and we’ll call you to confirm. See you soon!

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