Farm to Jar!

We’re launching a really cool venture with Blake Hill Preserves. Blake Hill is an award winning and creative preserve maker over in Windsor, Vermont. Just 20 minutes from the market!

Our vision was to partner with someone who would want to use produce from our local farmers to create short channel and  limited productions of jams or condiments.  Our goal:  interesting and unique flavors, value pricing and limited seasonal editions. We needed to look no further than to our good friends in Windsor.

Our first venture is a Maple Chipotle Chili Jam. The maple syrup is sourced right here in Woodstock from Maplecrest Farm, the same supplier we have been using for 20 years.  Ned Macksoud and his crew take tremendous pride in their high quality maple syrup, selling to us and only a handful of other merchants in Woodstock. While we weren’t able to locally source chipotles with our short timeline, we feel the product still holds up to our standards for the Farm to Jar program.

Blake Hill then played with the recipe, coming up with several batches and then finally settling on one we all absolutely loved.  It’s a stunning chili jam–perfect with a grilled cheese.

Blake Hill and Farmers’ philosophies are perfectly in sync with this partnership.  Blake Hill loves creating small batch runs of preserves. It allows them to have fun, play outside the lines a bit, and truly get back to their roots of pairing surprising flavors together. And us? Sourcing and experimenting with small batch, artisan crafters is what we do best.  We love finding the new and cool and then showcasing them to our guests. It brings us back to our roots of bringing the food to the people.  It’s why we love what we do.

We’re launching the Chili Jam this weekend so stop on by and give it a try. And look for others coming along for the summer!

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