Exciting News from Farmers’!

We’re pleased to announce the purchase of a second site at the former Pete’s Greens Farm Market in Waterbury Center, VT. Don’t worry! Our flagship store in Woodstock will continue to be the store you know and love.

Our new location in Waterbury Center is officially “under construction!”

The Waterbury retail location has been an extension of Pete’s Greens Farm in Craftsbury, VT since 2014 and has become an important and successful part of the Waterbury-Stowe food community. Pete Johnson, owner of Pete’s Greens, reached out to us a few years ago for some retail advice and when Pete started thinking about focusing more on his farming, he gave us a call. Over the past year, Pete’s Greens realized they are farmers first. Farming is what they loved most, what they’re best at, and where they wanted to be putting their time and resources. So that’s where we come in! Retailing is our passion and we’re excited to take this opportunity.

While the Waterbury location’s intent is not to duplicate the 5,000 sq ft Woodstock location, it will keep the focus on our three bottom lines: awesome food, great service, and responsible finance. We want to keep the same vibe and service of our flagship store in Woodstock, but tailor the Waterbury store to the needs and desires of the community. We’re starting renovations and are aiming to be up and running by mid-May. We’ll be sure to keep all of you in the loop with what’s happening, so stay tuned for more information and updates!

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