Edgewater Farm: Just Over the Border in New Hampshire (Only 19 Miles Away)

Forty years and three generations.

Edgewater Farm in Plainfield, NH

“We are constantly trying to become better farmers and better land stewards. In so doing we ultimately become better neighbors.” ~Pooh Sprague

Location: Plainfield, NH
Distance from the Market: 19 miles

We may dream of trading our desk job for life on a small farm. But very few of us actually do it. Why? Because we know it’s incredibly hard work and we can’t stomach the uncertainties, from weather to yields to prices.

Pooh Sprague, who has been running Edgewater Farm in Plainfield, NH with his wife Anne for over 35 years, captures the challenges and rewards of farm life on his blog, Pooh’s Corner. We recommend grabbing a cup of coffee and settling in for an enlightening read. You’ll have a renewed sense of appreciation and respect (and a tad bit of “green” envy) for what the life of a farmer entails.

Pooh and Anne purchased the farm in 1974 from the Colby family, who had been farming the land since 1835. Forty years later the Spragues are still at it. They run the 170-acre farm with their children, Sarah and Ray, daughter-in-law, Jenny, and 36-year veteran Mike Harrington. And (below) a new generation of Spragues are making their way into the fields!

Edgewater Farm includes a seasonal farm stand, commercial kitchen, and approximately 70,000 square feet of poly greenhouses for growing vegetables and ornamental bedding plants. They grow fruit, vegetables, and cover crops on 80 acres of tillable land.

The Sprague family is committed to utilizing techniques and strategies that are sustainable and organic in nature whenever possible, such as integrated pest management and beneficial predatory insects in their greenhouses.

Why We Love Them: Have you tried their berries? Right now we’re scarfing down their black raspberries (also known as Blackcaps) by the pint. They’re sweet and flavorful and grown sustainably. And their multicolored tomatoes are just starting to make an appearance in the Market.

But we love the folks at Edgewater for more than their delicious fruit and veggies. In a world where so many families are pulled apart by geography and lifestyle, the Spragues have found a way to stay together. They share a commitment and passion for the land and the work they do.

Take a look at their Instagram page, and you’ll see what we mean. For this hard-working family, every carrot, strawberry, and beet that comes out of the field is a work of art.

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