Customer Spotlight: Meet Jo-Ann and Norm

In celebration of Customer Appreciation Day (coming up on May 27), we thought it would be fun to “shine the light” on a few long-time friends of Farmers’. This is part of a week-long series. 

Jo-ann and Norm always brighten our day!

Q: How long have you been a Farmers’ Market customer?

A: We have been a customer for 24 years…when we moved to Woodstock from CA. We always tell people “we wouldn’t still be living in Woodstock if it wasn’t for the farmers market.”

Q: Why do you enjoy shopping here?

A: We shop there because the produce, meats, fish, etc. are topnotch, and we love the array of cheeses, wines, crackers, and coffee that you have for sale.

Q: Which three Farmers’ Market items would you bring with you to a deserted island?

A: The three items we would take with us would be a bottle of Rose, a loaf of Green Rabbit Bread, and a hunk of Pave d’Affinois cheese.

Jo-Ann and Norm, thanks so much for taking the time to participate in this fun little project.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Customer Appreciation Day on Monday, May 27 (all items in the store will be 20% off).

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