Customer Spotlight: Meet Gina and Mark

In celebration of Customer Appreciation Day (coming up on May 27), we thought it would be fun to “shine the light” on a few long-time friends of Farmers’. This is part of a week-long series. So stay tuned!

First up!

Gina and Mark are familiar faces at Farmers’.

Q: How long have you been a Farmers’ Market customer?

A: We’ve been customers since before Patrick owned the place! We were customers at the market from it’s inception—over 30 years ago

Q: Why do you enjoy shopping here?

A: We enjoy shopping here because we love the atmosphere and we can get everything we need to eat well. We shop here almost exclusively for our dinners. Why would we go anywhere else? We also love the young people at the checkout and the old people who run the place 😉

Q: Which three Farmers’ Market items would you bring with you to a deserted island?

A: If we could only choose three items to take with us to a deserted island…. well, this is a very tough question—I don’t think we’ve EVER left the market with only three items in our basket. But, if we HAD to choose: First, of course, would be a bottle of wine. The second two items would have to be something that goes well with the wine. So, I guess that would be a great piece of cheese and a loaf of bread. Can we have four? We’d have to have a fresh apple or a pear. See what I mean, you can’t limit yourself!

Thank you, Gina and Mark, for taking the time to take part in this fun little project!

See everyone at Customer Appreciation Day on Monday, May 27 (all items in the store will be 20% off). 

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