Curbside Testimonials


What our customers are saying about the NEW Farmers’ Curbside ….

~Ordering system was awesome and super easy to use. Ordered in 2 minutes.

~I just placed an order on your new on line system – wow -it’s awesome!!!!  I had no problems at all, so can’t make any useful suggestions.  Thank you so much – we love you guys!

~Just placed an order. It went great! Big improvement over the prior system, very helpful to see the products. Also, in this way I can see items that might not have had on the original list that I need. I also like that you can see your account balance.

~We very much like the illustrated ordering format. Once we got the knack of navigating the category and search functions, we could find a few items we missed on our first pass. 

~Thank for working so hard to make the WFM shopping experience easier and easier.  

~Well, holy sh*t This new system is really terrific.

~I was very impressed by the ease of shopping. First of all, the search is really well done (I just wrote a white paper about this and this search hits a home run): very easy to find what I wanted that way. And I really appreciated how I could use the categories on the left side of the screen to quickly isolate the products I wanted. That seemed to work very well. It took me a little while to identify how to add additional quantities, but it’s easy to find and easy to do.

~Thank you all for a great job! So easy to use your website! A lot of thinking went on to create such a wonderful service to the community. Awesome job!