Crossroad Farm: Feeding the Soil that Feeds Us

Stewards of the land.

“We take our responsibility as ecologically sound farmers very seriously.”
~ Tim and Janet Taylor

Location: Post Mills, Vermont

Distance from the Market: 37 miles

Crossroad Farm in Post Mills, Vt.,  and Woodstock Farmers’ Market go way back. The Taylor family has been providing us with farm-fresh produce since we first opened our doors over 28 years ago.

In 1980, when Tim and Janet Taylor bought 15 acres and planted a one-acre garden, they hadn’t planned on becoming vegetable farmers. But one thing led to another, and 35-plus years later they’re still at it. If you stop by the farm, you’re likely to see members of the next generation (Tim and Judy’s grandchildren) running around the fields or riding with Tim on the tractor.

Tim Taylor and three farmers-in-training.

Over the years Crossroad Farm has grown to include 40 acres of mixed vegetables, strawberries, melons, flowers, and bedding plants. Salad greens, herbs, and crucifers have been their staple crops for over three decades.

Why We Love Them: Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables begin with healthy soil. When the Taylors first started farming the land, this is what they focused on: feeding the soil so that it could, in turn, feed their community with produce rich in vitamins and minerals.

Tim and Janet are committed to using sustainable farming methods that require minimal or no use of insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides. If they must use pesticides, they use only those that are approved for organic production. And they never use GMO seed.

Putting in leeks.

The Taylors take their role as stewards of the land very seriously. They’ve devoted time over the years to learning farming methods that leave the earth in better shape than they found it. Their techniques include: nutrient and irrigation management, using cover crops and green manures, and the introduction of beneficial organisms. Learn more here.

Here’s how they explain it:

“We’re farming beyond our immediate short-term need to be profitable, working to maintain a continual balance between our practices and the backdrop of protecting the environment, including water quality, human health, soil productivity and the local community.”

What’s not to love?

To learn more:

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