Blue Moon Sorbet: Fruit, Cane Sugar, and Juice

Fruit is the first ingredient.


by Blue Moon Sorbet

“We use less sugar because only the freshest, highest-quality fruits, purees and juices go into our sorbet. There is no added flavoring or coloring — the intense flavor and vivid color comes from the fruit itself.” ~ John Donaldson and Pamela Frantz

Location: Quechee, Vermont
Distance to Market: 10 miles

Blue Moon Sorbets is about as local as you can get. For 10 years co-founder John Donaldson was the pastry chef at the Prince and Pauper Restaurant here in Woodstock. And people loved his sorbet. So, one day, when shopping for sorbet at the grocery store (and not finding any), he decided to bring his tried-and-true technique to the masses.

John and his wife Pamela Frantz launched Blue Moon Sorbet in 1995. Their flavorful sorbets are made with the freshest, highest-quality fruits, purees and juices, with no added flavoring or coloring.


Why We Love It: We love this Vermont-based sorbet company because their super-short ingredient list begins with FRUIT! The flavors are intense … and most people have a hard time picking their favorite one. That’s why we carry a few! Pick up a pint or two for the balmy late-summer days ahead.

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